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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


20th January 2012
Dear Cassi,
I get the feeling you might have an understanding for a book I read once called ‘Pudd’nhead Wilson’ by Mark Twain. There is a character in that book who they call a “whelp.” I had to look this word up and found that it meant the child of a carnivorous mammal or an unruly, disrespectful, or inappropriately bold human youth.
The whelp was noted for “touching people about their sore spots” or as I took this bringing up things that upset people. On top of this he was a thief, liar, and murderer. He was also a transvestite, but I never got how that played into the whole thing.
A big point was made about how he talked about things that bother people and reminded them of things that made them feel pain. The Whelp was the usurper and illegitimate child of his master, the product and destruction of a person who kept slaves and mistreated them. He then, as the master of the home, was no better to his slaves and even his own biological mother.
This book was a great controversy in its time from what I understand. Evil will breed evil I guess. However, the point is that those folks who bring you down are a destructive force in the world. You saw the folks, whelps every one, who always put me down, and I had to turn away from them to live my life.
Sitting folks down and talking to them never did much for me in this situation, but it might help with those cankers you may come across. Then, the people you can be honest with are so far and few that I wonder if I can count them on my fingers with a pair of socks over my hands.
In my case I had to turn away from the folks who put me down. I try not to let it bother me but still it does on occasion. I make a great effort to grow past that sort of thing and it helps.

Live strong, little sister

Richard Leland Neal