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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Five Thousand Project

Simply put, The Five Thousand Project is a condition where I read one hundred books before buying any more. Once I have done this I will read ninety nine books before buying one more. I will do this until I reach a total of five thousand books read or reach a ratio of one book to buy for everyone I read. I will make proof of my reading by reviewing every book.

The definition of ‘book’ can be interpreted here, but it is enough to say that first I will focus on books I own. As I believe myself to own far less than five thousand books but more than one thousand it should be of no extraordinary difficulty. As libraries exist, and the Gutenberg Project has now more than thirty thousand books online for free a person could spend most of their life reading and never buy a book.

It should be noted that this would be impossible for the student as they need to buy half a dozen books per semester. It would likely be impossible for the good father to adhere to the rules of this project as he would need to buy books for his children.

Thus, I can say that if ever I would be a student or father I need to complete or very nearly complete this project. Before I can take on these tasks I need correct the flaws in my damaged brain.

Any person having read five thousand books would be a person of skill. Even a centenarian would need to have read and average of fifty books a year for every year of their life to reach such a total. If in this pursuit I read a book every day it would still take nearly fourteen years to complete.

Thus we can say that this is a mammoth undertaking, but my lacking mental faculties require mammoth revision. This is the small work of a lifetime but I have a lifetime to work.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Who Should Decide

29th October 2014
Dear Cassi,
I’ve been working on my webcomic “Jonny American” after some years of posting nothing, and I’ve started him over. Now Jonny is a fourteen year old starting high school.
This wakened an odd memory how a decision that changed my life back in nineteen ninety four. I recall that we got a letter from the school district mentioning that I had the option of going to a different school. My parental guardian asked if I wanted to make the switch and as a fourteen year old I said no.
He never gave me the options of considered the reasons why one school may have been better than the other. This was the choice between Whittier High School and Pioneer. The first was a larger school with better funding and older buildings. It was a crumbling wreck but had better programs. The other was the school by the freeway that my siblings had gone to and so was the one I attended.
I’m not sure if my life would have been that different had I gone to Whittier High. What I am sure of is that a fourteen year old isn’t all that equipped to make that call. I wasn’t the brightest of all children, that for sure, but few at that age could have come to the right decision.
Its one of those things, Cassi, in a minute long conversation my life changed with no fanfare or pomp. That was the world I lived in back then. It was a world where no one gave me much consideration.  At fourteen years of age I had already become that extra bit that could have just been cut off.
I know my life would have been different had I gone to a different school, but I see no point in speculation. We cannot turn back time, we cannot change the past, all we can do is look forward and hope.

Know who’s important, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Fox and the Alien

I wrote this letter sometime last year but never dated the work as it was part of a larger file. It is enough to say that it was written somewhere in the first half of 2013 and that I clearly failed to do my homework.

Dear 20th Century Fox,

Having been a lifelong fan of the Alien franchise and hearing of difficulties in the area of making a sequel to Prometheus I find need to bring some points to your attention.  I have nothing coming to me save more films in a world I have much enjoyed by doing this but that is a good enough reason.

First off, what will David and Shaw find on the Engine’s home world? A single ship would just be crushed but whatever the Engineer’s use to defend their home so it becomes clear that they either find the runes of a civilization or a civilization fending off a Xenomorphic attack.  In the case of the first we can add very little in the way of the story and in the case of the second Shaw or David must somehow be unequal capable of fighting the Xenomorphs.

Second, an expedition would certainly be sent to recover Prometheus.  Think about this, the head of a major corporation and his only hair, or her robot double, are gone. Whatever they went looking for had to be rather important or valuable. Someone is bound to come looking to raid this find or recover/ verify death/ ensure death of the company owner.

The Wayland Corporation clearly knew of the location of the ship found by the Nostromo in Alien. This would indicate that either the craft is on the world featured in Prometheus or it came from that world. As the colony destroyed by the Xenomorphs in ‘Aliens’ did not find the large buildings left by the Engineer’s it would appear as thou it came from that world and crash landed somewhere else.

In other words, friends, you have at least two movies to make. One of these will show us the Engineer home world and the other how the ship found its way to the world of Alien.

Let’s go hunting,

Richard Leland Neal