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Friday, October 13, 2017

Believe These Skills

25th October 2016

Dear (Censored) Institute,

I take interest in your position for a Behavior Therapist as I have a BA in Psychology from (University) and four years of experience working with the homeless of Hollywood. I worked with eighteen to twenty four year olds, many of them drug addicts and violent cases, in a safety and security setting. I was even injured once when a client became violent and broke a clock over my face. I would have to think that children can’t be much more dangerous. 

I developed a reputation for being patient and understanding. It was important to take every case as an individual problem had by a distinct person. There were no once size fits all cures, and the clients I worked with needed to know that I really cared about them.

I believe these skills will translate to your needs,

Richard Leland Neal

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Internet Archive

15th October 2016
Dear Internet Archive,

I take something of an interest in your posting for a book digitizer. I’ll grant you my work in security is out of left field for what you’re looking for, but a Security Officer is professionally patient. I can lift more than 100 pounds and have had a great deal of experience with scanners and digital photography.  I currently use a Canon 60D.

I do have a degree in Psychology and I understand the need to keep my research materials clean and understandable. I have worked jobs were my actions save lives and I imagine that the books aren’t going to come in under the influence of drugs or do anything nasty. Compared to what I do this is an easy job.

You have a safe day,

Richard Leland Neal