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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Not Drumpf Enough

5th January 2018

My Dear Mr. Oliver,

Back in February of 2016 Last Week Tonight aired a segment that attempted to remove who would soon become our president of his faith inspiring name. Whereas I admit you have had some success in the area there is much room for improvement. I very much enjoyed seeing men and women on Facebook talking about Donald Drumpf.

Unfortunately, the president’s name is still on everyone’s lips, and Drumpf is nearly forgotten. Well, what went wrong?  For one thing, Drumpf is uncharacteristically dull for Last Week Tonight. Unlike news about the president Drumpf just isn’t fun. For another, it’s just not saucy enough for your program. So, what name can we come up with to help America get over its orange dictator addiction?

The answer came to me when I saw an old photograph of myself and remembered the Native American name my mother had given me. She called me ‘Hair of the Golden Rod’ because in youth my hair was strikingly blond. So what would the name of Mr. Drumpf be if the Native Americans named him for his most notable feature?

No, I’m not speaking of orange skin or use of tanning oil. I believe they would call him “Shitting Bull.” You may have this with my compliments, Mr. Oliver.


Richard Leland Neal 

Monday, January 15, 2018

I've Seen it All

28th October 2016

My dear friends,  

I am a Security Officer with eighteen years of experience working in all kinds of environments from industrial with big rig trucks to guarding stores and strip malls. I make it a point to be a professional at all times and treat every person as though they are a potential customer.

There are few tasks in security that would be unfamiliar to a man with my experience and I’m sure that I can acclimate to any position you have open.


Richard Leland Neal

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sweet Pickles: Turtle Throws a Tantrum By Richard Hefter Book Review

'Sweet Pickles: Turtle Throws a Tantrum' By Richard Hefter is a book about an anthropomorphic Turtle who wants someone else's bracelet.

This is a book about how silly children look when they throw tantrums and how throwing tantrums shouldn't get you what you want. I have to say, good show, Richard Hefter, good show. This is the kind of book that teaches children that they can't always have what they want. I like that idea.

Further along the lines this book is solidly made and the right kind of book for children to play with. 

Who should Read this book: Young children.

Books Read: 41 of 5000

Saturday, January 13, 2018

How the Stars Fell into the Sky by Jerrie Oughton Book Review

"How the Stars Fell Into the Sky" by Jerrie Oughton is a telling of a Navajo legend about the placement of the constellations. Permit me to be clear that I have little understanding of how to address this story because I have no idea how the Navajo think of the tale. They could think of it as part of their religion or they could think of it as just a folk story. I have no intention of insulting their tradition. 

That said, the first woman is setting the stars in the sky in order to record the laws for all the people to see and so know them well.  Then Coyote arrives and tries to help but in his haste throws the stars into the sky preventing her from writing the laws. 

You can see this as a cautionary tail about letting the wrong people help you or as point about getting a job done right or not doing it at all. From a story standpoint I rather liked this book. I found it entertaining.  

Further along these lines, the book is well crafted with rich artwork and a strong spine. 

Who should read this book: Everyone

Books Read: 40 of 5000

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sophia the Snoop by Lara Bergen Book Review

"Sophia the Snoop" by Lara Bergen is one in a series of books about the titular Sophia and her quest to find a definitive name and in a larger sense her identity.  
In this case Sophia has found an old Sherlock Holmes hat and has resolved to become the worlds greatest detective. Unfortunately for Sophia she finds her self at the center of every mystery and isn't that great at resolving them. 

The great thing about this book is that it teaches kids that failure is not that big of a deal, they should never try to be something they are not, and that they should not jump to conclusions. The bad side of things is that it discourages children from trying new skills and permits them to give up. Sophia doesn't learn about forensic science and her positive growth is questionable.

In short, this is not a bad book but it's not going to encourage your child to go into law enforcement. 

Who should read this book: Young Girls

Books Read: 39 of 5000