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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Practical Politics - Henry Brooks Adams

Monday, February 3, 2014

Evils of Life

15th January 2012

Dear Cassi,

Another week has passed and grad school, work, and being sick come together as a pill a snake would have trouble getting down. I have little idea what to do with myself. It’s nothing new that I feel as if there simply isn’t enough time, but now the hard coughing and runny nose are getting the better of me.
As it has always been with me, and most folks I think, I wish I could just turn the world off and take stalk. If I had six weeks of nothing to do I would just piss it all away so turning the world off wouldn’t help. That’s what happened during my unemployment. I spent my time reacquainting with TV shows and movies I had missed.    
If you think I’m mad at myself your right. I let depression and despair get the better of me and now look. I’m truly no better off than I was a month ago. I will say that I’m better off than I was six months ago, and last year round this time I could hardly get out of bed.
Okay, so I just feel bad, and it’s honestly no big deal. I still should have all three of my comics posting instead of just one. Then I guess I’m putting too many steps in the way of getting them squared. I’m trying to seek out the spelling errors and replace the text when I have to, but I need to get all those old comics up on the new sites.
Sometimes, Cassi, I feel like the only real link to who I am and who I was is that old comic site that I need to ask that fair-weather friend, Eric, to take down. That old comic site is like some beacon of hope to the evils that once dominated my life.

Stay safe, Cassi,

Richard Leland Neal