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Monday, June 4, 2012

Mr. Director

29th February 2012
Dear Cassi,

I do not recall if I had made mention that one of my coworkers is something of an amateur director. His name is Lee Fleming and you can find him on IMDB. I will mention that his work is not bad. I will say that I found it entertaining and still he is not without room for improvement.
Never has it been that working with others turned out well for me. I can point two or three folks whose flake outs have been life disappointments. Still, I have taken in to work with Lee given no reason to mistrust him. In truth, he has made mention of some friend fails of his own. With he and I on that common ground, I have watched his work and he has read mine giving us onto some week partnership of sorts. In addition to this his Canon 7D camera is adorned with my lens so there is some physical bond to hold us in partner.
It is in this degree I have been looking for a script to work with him on and have given him some choices as of late. The hardest part of this exercise is finding something we can afford. He estimated that he would need to raise no less than ten thousand dollars for the first script I gave him. The second script he has yet to speculate on. Of the third one it is difficult to produce and the last is free but both are short pieces for winning contests and going to festivals.
Will this latest hope be another flop or will this finally be a point of success? If times past are any indicator then this will end poorly. Still, what have I to do but try? How would I fill the humdrum of my life if not with the works of my writings?

Stay Safe, little sister

Richard Leland Neal

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