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Monday, June 25, 2012

Long before the Chicken

This is a response to a class post of some kind and I have some recollection of it having something to do with people being successful in life and contacting or spending time with family.

I have a bad relationship with my family. Save, clearly, for Cassi whom I have no blood relation with. The bond she and I have is having shared the same pain. It is not because I do not spend time with my family that I suffer in life but because of the reason I fail to spend time with family.

Yeah, I’m at a loss in this regard, Doc, as I haven’t lived with parents since the age of 10 when my mother passed. However, it has been more my understanding that stress to a family unit brings out what is there not changes things.

I can tell you that the clients with the worst mental problems are our best opportunities to test ourselves as clinicians and so the hard times are the best judge of family. The people who feel more life satisfaction are those with the families that would be there to help them if needed. If the family unit is unsupportive a person will have more problems in life as a natural result.

A parent that views children, or their own parents, as a burden will bring up children with more anxiety. These children will have difficulty in life and less satisfaction.

There is something to be said here for the chicken or egg enology, yes, but remember that in nature the egg came long before the chicken.
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