Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Missing Key

18th March 2012

Dear Cassi,

Two days ago I told you about the time my bike was damaged. Today I bring up the insult that went with the injury. Alan, my parent and guardian, decided we needed to find the key. He said that someone might find it and steel my bike. How this person was supposed to look at a U-lock key and say ‘I’ll try this on every bike until it opens one’ is beyond me.
So we went down to the hill and looked for the key and I tried everything to try to get him to give up the search. I told him the key had fallen down the sewer, and that it had broken, and any lie I could come up with. He knew I was full of it but if he had a drop of common sense we would have never gone out there in the first place.
He made me look in the grass and down the sewer way and so forth. We looked for an hour or two to no avail. In the end we drove home and he explained how he knew that I was lying as he had asked the same question and gotten different answers.
As I told you in the letter on the 15th the key had never left Fallstaff’s pocket. His mother found it in the wash. I’ve heard of folks looking for things in places where they knew they were and finding them after years. Still, how important is a U-lock key? I have no idea if another could have been crafted but the lock was only a few dollars. That was twenty years ago and the old man would spend hundreds on crap because he felt like it, and then it would sit on the floor in my house for weeks.
If would have been different if he had at last taken his crud home but no it was the act of buying he loved so much. Maybe he just wanted to screw up my afternoon the way buying a bike tire hand screwed up his.

Keep an eye on your keys, little sister

Richard Leland Neal
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