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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Small Accomplishments

This is another grad school post. Just a Blurb and taken out of context but you can guess at my subject.

I recall a type of group therapy where at the start of group we were asked to “congratulate ourselves for doing something for our mental health.” This idea that group is a step in the right direction is an important step in many types of therapy.

For treating my own depression I have been trying to keep track of the small things I accomplish to note how well I am doing. I never get all the work done, but to know that I went so far is a mental exercise in hope.

Giving the client the feeling that they are helping themselves, doing what they need to, and being the active component in their recovery is the most important thing to accomplish in treatment. “Foster an internal locus of control” is one of my common statements to my coworkers. 
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