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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Middle School Memoirs: Ms. Tumor

14th March 2012
Dear Cassi,
One of the teachers I had in middle school the students called Tumor. This was because her name rhymed with the word. She was one of the first three “Get to Know Your New School/Rob you of your summer vacation so your parents don’t have to deal with you,” class teachers I had. The other two I cannot recall.
I think the class was English as this teacher taught English, Theater, and Student Government. I have little faith in the need for a summer Student Government class, and I would recall if it were Theater. I did later have Theater with this teacher, but I’m rather sure it was English she was teaching over the summer.
I remember that I gave some presentation and she pulled me aside after class and asked if I had considered theater. As you know, I had been in one play by that point and had planned to go on. This was a real encouragement to me in a world where we should truly never encourage people to involve themselves in theater.
Every now and then a small action will change a life. I cannot say if this one had much of an impact but I took theater in middle school. I went on to take it in high school and college only to lose my taste for it after too many dollars spent and too much time wasted.
Now I struggle to salvage what I can from my theater days but it isn’t easy. So much time spent and so many skills learned that apply to nothing. Then, to try and fail is to live and learn.

Stay safe, little sister