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Monday, June 18, 2012

Bad News from a Director

13th March 2012
Dear Cassi,

Today, or rather yesterday when I can into work, my director had a problem. That is to say that I and a coworker are now trying to enter a film contest and he is getting cold feet. The issue was that we needed a housing for the camera to add stability so I looked it up and ordered it in front of him so that he knew it was coming.
If we win this, I grant I think we will not, the prize is a half million dollars to make a film. This is a win to change a life, a game changer, a chance to shine, and he has other things to worry about. I can’t fault the man for having other project I just wish he’d prioritize.
Then, what he has going on could be a better deal than this contest. It sure has better odds of coming through. Still, I wish he communicated the situation so I could address the problems. In the end I want to make sure that there is nothing I could have done that has been left undone.
The director asked for a script and I had it for him the next day. I believe he’s skimmed it but he hasn’t given me notes. It could be that he feels the script is well in hand and that any alterations can be made when shooting.
All and all, he said that contest or no he still wishes to film this project so that we can get used to working with DSLR technology. As for me, you got bullets; you got night, then take a shot in the dark. Who knows, you might hit something.

Never miss a chance to shine

Richard Leland Neal