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Friday, June 1, 2012

The Gray Cat

26th February 2012
Dear Cassi,

When my mother was still alive Alan had a condo. This was before he got in with that ex-prostitute he married after my mother. One of the things about this place that is most vivid to me now is an old gray cat that they called Homeless.
Homeless had no fear of humans and so was one to let the visiting children pet him. Alan was as affectionate to this cat as he was to most animals and his youngest son. He tolerated the animal and took amusement in its sad condition. Never did I see him feed the cat or give it any measure of help in living, but he was more than willing to give it a pat every now and then.
In this way Alan was always like the thoughtless tourist enjoying the trees and leaving his wrappers on the ground to make the place ugly for the next group of folks to come along. A fellow of any real substance should look after things. His family is relations, and anything he happens past should all see a looking after by the man of true self worth.
In this world we, the human race, have done so many things out of carelessness that the proper person should learn to look about as best they can.    

Walk with your eyes open, little sister

Richard Leland Neal