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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is there a Good Divorce?

This is a response to the New Your Times article:
The basic point I have to bring up here is that stability in a relationship, (working, marriage, or friendship) comes from believing you have what you deserve. Not having just believing.

Whether or not a marriage should be dissolved is something that should come on a situation by situation basis. Still, this looks to me more like an act of selfishness than anything else. Is it okay to be selfish? I need to know more about the child in this relationship first. Being married is about us, having children is about them, and so long as needs are being best served than actions are proper.   

The article here points more to what we call anecdotal evidence than hard numbers and should be looked at as a notion more than a suggestion. Some people develop cancer and it is a road to a better life others get a common cold and it kills them.

I would never advocate a person staying in an abusive relationship. However, I would never advocate someone get a divorce because their spouse doesn’t ‘listen to everything’ they say. The dynamic this person is looking for is dysfunctional doting and I would have to give her a thumbs down.
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