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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moving On

7th March 2012
Dear Cassi,

When I left grade school we had a graduation. I thought it was silly and so it was given that we had no mortarboards or gowns. Somewhere there is a Polaroid of me in a red shirt and green tie that was taken that day.
Off all the students of North Wittier Andrews Elementary I have no knowledge of any that did not pass. Why we would have some graduation signifying that we have accomplished something? To make the teachers feel as if they did something I assume. I couldn’t read until a year before my mother’s death. The teachers just thought I was stupid so they never tried to help me. Still, there we were in the patio sitting around being happy the summer was coming.
There were so many of those faces that I would never see again, but still none that I honestly miss. That was a part of my life I left behind when I went to middle school. I do recall they gave me the opportunity to attend a math academy at what would become my high school but I opted to attend a prep course at Edwards instead. It had an impact on my life, but what kind of impact I’ll still need to sort out.

Stay Safe, little sister

Richard Leland Neal