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Friday, January 4, 2013

Vicious Skunk

20th May 2012
Dear Cassi,

Something funny that cropped up in my memory the other day was the time a policemen came to class saying that he had the skunk from the anti drug adds. My recollection is poor in this area, but I believe that the skunk thought that drugs were stinky.  
In any case the man came in with a wooden box and explained that the skunk had been de-stink-ofied and the loss of his sent gland had made him ornery. This led to him biting another officer rather hard and leaving a horrible scar that the policeman would have for the rest of his life.
The officer would then tell us how the box had a bad latch, and that he had to watch carefully so that the skunk didn’t get out. He said he wished he had a better box but this was the only one he had small enough to carry around.
So then it came time for him to show us the skunk and all the little boys and girls gathered around. I hung back not wanting to see the skunk that badly.
“You can see part of his tail,” the policeman said and slapped the box a few times. Then I heard a sharp swack sound like wood hitting wood and what had happened was that the man hat hit a leaver that caused the box to open and a tail attached to the door to flip out.
There was never any skunk in that box. This was just to show us that we should never trust people just because they had a uniform on. I think the example was rather poor.

Know who you can trust, little sister

Richard Leland Neal