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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Online Vs. Brick and Mortar

10th January 2013
Hay (Flow student),

I’ve found two common condition that apply to both ‘Brick and Mortar’ schooling and online class work. The first of these is that you pay around a hundred dollars for the book and ten two twenty times more for the professor. Then you find that the book is the standard and class time is time poorly spent. The other condition is that you by the book, open it once during the class, and come away angry that you paid for the thing.

The problem here and universally in education is that a teacher is paid to teach a class not to insure learning. To be a good teacher, much like to be a good therapist, one must be copiously qualified and have a honest desire to help the client. These qualities are rare. Thus in both online and face to face education the burden of learning falls on the student. If you are truly invested in learning skills in mental health you’ll do well in either setting.

Face to face education is superior in interaction, social experience, and expanding your group of friends. In some majors there is simply no replacement for hands on experiences. Majors like hard science, theater arts, repair work, and other fields were one needs to learn to deal directly with materials face to face education is just a must.
Online education is equally useful as face to face education in social science, English and literature, writing, and other situations where the mind is the main functioning factor. Online education is convenient and more geared to those who have a true love of their subject. If you’re a go getter then online classes better suit you as you are more able to work at your own pace.

Now this class has a relatively inexpensive text so using outside materials shouldn’t be a major point. I haven’t worked with this professor before and so will not comment on his love for subject and honest desire to teach and help. However, once you get through the readings the professor is simply there to see that you understood the text.

Worrying over how you will do is unnecessary. If you have a problem simply email the instructor and get the help you need. By worrying how you will do in an online class you sell yourself short. Trust me on this, have confidence in yourself, you made it this far.