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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Breath I Tell You

This is another post to my psychology class. The kind of marital you will see if I post every day is shorter and explanatory without the normal moral to my story.

If this is the kind of thing that my readers like I wish they would let me know.

10th January 2013

On the subject of breathing, I commonly have to advise my clients on breathing techniques because of the high incidence of anger problems among them.  Breathing and heart rate are closely connected and by breathing slowly we can slow the heart. As the heart is more neurons than it is muscle we really do feel with our heart.

Anger and depression both have anxiety components so this deep breathing that I teach my clients should help to ease both conditions. I advise the client to take in a deep breath filling the lungs slowly and completely then let this breath out slowly. This will stabilize the client so that they can gain control over their faculties.

It sounds rather simple but clients have told me that this has changed their life. This is because I often work with violent cases and this simple technique often serves to keep them out of jail which is a major improvement in their lives. To truly correct their problems more advanced techniques are needed but I rarely have the opportunity to use or teach them.

Unfortunately, I am commonly criticized for operating outside my duties and I work in the safety and security department and this cognitive restructuring is under clinical services. I deal with this by operating under a policy of transparency. I write a report to a client’s case manager when I conduct an intervention.