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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Salad Bowl vs. the Melting Pot

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This is a post to my Energy Psychology class describing myself and experience. You can say I’m an odd one and I do have to admit I’m writing these longer and with a greater level of clarity because I wish to post them on my blog. You can tell me if this is a bad thing.

11th January 2013
Hello I guess,

To start with I am a safety and security officer for a homeless rehabilitation program in Hollywood California. I work with a group of 18 to 24 year olds and specialize in de-escalation. This is a fancy way of saying I’m a security guard. Both my clients and coworkers tell me that I excel at what I do for my clients. For many of them I act as a life coach and for all of them I act as a communications hub between them and their case manager. I right more case notes in one month than all other employees in my program write in six months.

I did my undergrad work at CSU Fullerton in psychology but I would say that my own study is more helpful in this area. For example some people sat that ghosts are a mental photographs and that would be printed in the energy we are talking about in this class. Further this energy has an impact on the electromagnetic spectrum as the presents of ghosts have a relationship with an electromagnetic field.

Further about me, I suffer from a dangerous and persistent level of depression for which I am heavily medicated. My doctors tell me that I function surprisingly well given my pathology. You’ll find me to be a man with an odd way of thinking and a broad scope of relevance.

The idea of the salad bowl vs. the melting pot is one I first heard in 1992, but the melting pot holds because it is so much older and authors of history texts rarely keep current of what happened in the past. Our knowledge and understanding of history has evolved quite a lot in the last twenty years but the old ideas persist.

The idea of looking at American society as a melting pot meant that we as a people would take on the qualities of the cultures that immigrate. This may have been understandable when looking at europium immigration where the cultures were rather similar by comparison. 

The salad bowl idea is more respectful of diversity. In this idea as a tomato is still a tomato in a salad so is an Asian still a member of their home culture. They may be marked by the flavors of the other things on your fork and the whole salad is often oriented around a dressing, but the parts make the meal more palatable.

That is my understanding of the subject and I admit that it is somewhat limited. If anyone has more to add it would be helpful.