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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Pit

2nd January 2013
Dear Cassi,
Pony Girl came again today as some interloper into my home. She, Pickles, and the fellow from across the street, Ken, were cleaning as I sat in my room with the kittens. I immerged to find that Ken had cleaned the mess of wood chips he had left in the back yard and that the kitchen floor had been mopped.
It comes to me that Pickles is a slob until Pony Girl arrives and my two siblings become more of a use together. Why all the interest in the state of my home now troubles me. I feel as if I’m watching them dig a pit to drop me into to fight some new beast they’ve found.
Pony Girl has always been one to do what she wishes, call it help, then demand twice the worth of her “service” as gratitude. Her version of ‘Help’ has always been so costly. Much as when Alan ‘gave’ me that old white car and then Pony Girl demanded my slavery for my accepting the thing. I had argued with them saying that I didn’t want the car, took it to shut them up, was heckled until I returned it to them, and they were angry with me.

This event prompted the old man to give his little girl thirty thousand dollars to move away from me. She got another thirty thousand after that from what I understand. The spooled never grow into people I guess. They just make their way in life as parasites. 

What an ugly world we live in that kindness can be a word be use to mask abuse. Then, when we look at the grand nature of things my little life is just an ugly place in an even worse world.
Whatever comes I will meet it was best I can. Whatever happens next I’ll take it like an adult. The fight will be hard, but what part of my life hasn’t been?

Stay safe, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal