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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

False Apologies

8th April 2013
Dear Cassi,
I thought I would never see the day that your ex-husband would issue an apology, but he did so even if he lied. The situation is a profound mystery but one of an academic nature. Does your ex-husband believe me to be so unsound of mind as to believe him over my memory?
By and large the more the issue stands that he states his reasoning as to save a long lost friendship. Odd as it may seem this is a selfish reason. Were a shred of human decency to pass into this fellows being, and he decided to compensate you for the pain he caused would it be right of him to expect you to take him back? No, not at all, as his act would be his payment of debts owed.
Were he to move heaven and earth to make things right with either of us this would not put things as they were before his transgression. They may make us as strangers on the street passing for whatever reason but not being friends.
How do we rebuild a friendship lost? I do not know. Were he to find a way to be the friend to me that I was to him, settle his debts, and never again transgress against me this may do to build again the bridges he has burnt. At the core of this remained the genuine desire to make things right, and this is something he is without.
As for me, I promised you that I would talk to this man, and I stand by what I say. In truth, I moved on long ago and never felt there was any possibility that he would try to make things right. My suspicions confirmed I may return to my life.

Never dwell in the past, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal