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Monday, December 1, 2014

Going Over Old Mail

30th August 2014
Dear Cassi,
The day has been hot and my soul weary from the heat and exertion. As I am so large a man I carry a heave load in myself, and as I have built up so much fat I have so built up a reserve on junk and nonsense.
I’ve spent some of my day pouring over old files and in so editing the letters I intended to male back in January of 2013. This was a file of broken thoughts as some of these letters were far from finished and others were just notes.
To add to this obstacle there is a small maze of old files covering these letters. Back then I had a file marked letters and a another marked ‘letters two’ but now I have a new file for every month to keep things strait. Went I finely mail the things I file them by date.
Why not just file by date to start with? Well, then I wouldn’t remember what I’ve mailed.

Keep your head in the game, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal