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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Book Review: Cosmos by Giles Sparrow 2006


ISBN-13: 978-1905204298
I saw this book at a used book store some years ago and got the biggest book boner I have ever had for one of the tallest if not largest books in my collection. Cosmos by Giles Sparrow is a beautiful coffee table book with wonderful images and information.

I noted that at the end of every page the sentence ended so there was no carry over. This wasn’t hard as the pages are so large and filled with images. On the down side the images on these pages are sensitive. You can smudge them with the moisture from your hand leaving dark spots that may or may not go away. You may want to handle this book with gloves.

Another down side is that this book was published before Pluto officially became a dwarf planet. However, the text mentions that Pluto should be a dwarf planet and names other planets of the type. 

I’m not the only one who liked this book. On my last check Amazon had the book rated with five stars over thirty five reviews. Used copies can be had for as little as four dollars plus shipping.

Who should read this book?

Those who love to look up at the stars.

Young aspiring astronomers.

Sci fi geeks who would like to know more about the stars.

Pages Read 220

Total Books read 2

Total Pages Read 555