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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pony Girl

8th January 2013
Dear Cassi,

I took a great pain in avoiding the Pony Girl this morning but to no avail. The very site of my female blood sibling is revolting to me, but today I writhed in disgust at her actions which were in breach of the law.
Today the state inspector came to see what work Pony Girl had been so dissatisfied with in my washrooms. I will grant she was in good position to complain, but as I took solace in my email I heard he speak of how the work had not been finished. As she had ordered the work stopped I cannot mark this as a wise complaint.
There is no question that the fitting delivered were not as promised, but it is not the fault of the contractor that the job is left unfinished. Then Pony Girl and her husband’s rudeness to the contractor is another point of concern. She stated this by being combative and hard to work with and she was met with combat and difficulty.

Further to this, I told the inspector that I had something to add and he told me to wait until he had heard her statement. After hearing her he left, and I was never given the moment to speak.

This thing is a ponder keg and I have no idea as to the damage that will come of its explosion. It seems as if I have no path to take to change things and so I must ride the wave when it comes.

Worry over what you can change, Cassi,

Richard Leland Neal