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Monday, December 8, 2014

Bad Air filter

5th January 2013
Dear Cassi,
As I said in my last letter I was forced to go to a mechanic I do not trust. I believe I left off at my having stopped in at an eatery spend time and then return to the mechanic. On arriving he suggested that I have my air filter changed. I told him that I had a K&N and that my air filter would live for the life of my car.
This bothered the man who felt that no air filter should last that long as then he could not charge for its replacement. My air filter is five time the cost of a normal one, but I have all confidence it can do as the manufacture says. I have felt the difference and talked to others who know it as well.

 It turns out I have a cabin air filter and that needed changing and a nail in my back tire.
I knew the tires to be on the old and worn side and so agreed to have them changed. He said that he would take me home as the repair would take two and a half hours. I told him I would take a walk.
Having just had breakfast and smelling like a homeless man I took to the streets of uptown not knowing where I was going. My back protested, but I was determined to make a use of my time. It came to me that even my stink was my own fault and that this long walk would help me to remember to act under my best interest.

As I moved along I stopped in front of a movie theater but seeing that I had just passed the show times of any soon airing film I walked on. I quickly came to a park which was nicely furnished and kept, but the public lavatory was devoid of tissue and in a stated I still hesitated to use.

At the pet shot I found a usable rest room and spent a time in it more drying the perspiration from my clothes than any other act. I do not understand how I became so filthy and ill smelling, but I know I was avoided because of my stench. I would not even rest my back end in my car when the work was done but used my jacket to cover the seat.

Keep clean, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal