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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wrecked on the Roadway

20th February 2012
Dear Cassi,

This morning I came across a wrecked car on the roadway and stopped to investigate. I had a feeling that something was wrong as the lights were out on the street and making my way down I could tell they were out for some distance. I turned a corner onto Santa Anita road and saw the sparkle of glass in my headlights.
I could tell there was a car in the distance the moonlight. I dark twisted shape loomed on the side of the road like a dead beast. By this derelict was a telephone pole hanging by its lines. The downed pole had to be the cause of the power outage. I passed the car in the darkness and pulled over. The driver could have still been in there for all I knew.
With my hazard lights blinking I approached the wrecked car on foot. The front end was torn away so the car could not have driven off, but I could see the cabin was still in one piece. Wishing I had my work flashlight I looked in to see only darkness. No blood stained the interior, and there was no sign that injury had taken place.
I walked back to my own car when I was approached by a local. She said that the car had been there for a spell but she had no phone to call the police. I had to ask her where I was and on her answer I called 911 and reported the incident.
Trouble came with that as there was dispute over what police agency was to look after this problem. I was referred from one operator to another then back again. During this interlude I noted a car approaching slowly with lights that searched the gloom. I waved them over and found that this was a sheriff’s cruiser. I told 911 and they hung up on me.
The deputies thanked me for doing my civic duty and sent me on my way. The whole excursion took a half hour longer than expected, but at least I know that in a world folks who drive on by I am one who stops.

Stay safe, little sister

Richard Leland Neal
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