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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I was surprised a few days ago by an email from a person who I had unfriended on Facebook. He was acting as if he had forgotten why our friend ship had ended. This letter reminds him.
30th April 2012
Mr. (Job),
If there is one thing I cannot abide it is a liar like you, and as you make the attempt to pretend that you have forgotten the lies you have told they only burn just as brightly in my memory.

You, a man who said he talked to god, can commune with nothing other than the devil to act thusly. You are a lazy, lay about, liar dedicated to a fantasy world which you hold dearer than the one you live in and sculpted from the ashes of your younger days.

With ‘Alice’ you went against my direction time and time again and returned to that script three times what I had removed because I knew it did not work. You told me that you would have given up any aspect of the script to make it screen worthy but would give up none. In the end the complaints given you by your producer were only echoes of my own thoughts, but you made it more than clear that the script would never be done if I voiced them.

Then there is your torture-like work, ‘Paladin Core’ which contains no paladins as I can see and almost as little plot or character development. I did my best to help you and you refused to listen. When I pressed the issue you began crying ‘I’m going to produce it myself’ ignoring that fact that your work simply wasn’t worth the time.

Then you tossed my comments back in my face with my script ‘Never Will’ thinking that I wouldn’t notice. Samantha only gets Roland at the end already. As he said, the thing standing in her way was her, and she had to overcome her own self doubt to get him. The conflict lives within the main character and that is what I was asked to write.

Still, the final and most telling note is this sad song is that you gave me final say on a script and then fail to make good on that promise. My trust in you was poorly founded and as it is impossible to send the producer my script without sending him my contact information you clearly had no intention of sending my script along. He was going to have to talk to me some time, and refusing to let me converse with him only proved that you were dishonest.

I even offered to enter a contract to safeguard you from any misdealing on my part, but no, if you get anything less than all that you want then you simply have no interest. You felt that I and this mystery producer of yours could sit on our hands when you were screwing around. You felt that I should have to put my life on hold so that you could have a backup plan.

If you were the bible’s Job you failed your faith. Go tell your minister that you lied to your friend and let an opportunity rot on the vine for your own greed. Tell him that you took the money of your friends and played video games rather than work on what had been paid for over the course of years. Tell the truth to any real man of God and let him tell you of your holy failings.

I need no friends like you

Richard Leland Neal

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