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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Conjure Me a Boat, Son

23rd February 2012
Dear Cassi,

Sometimes the bull in my life is a big deal and sometimes it’s just a little thing. I’ve learned in life that small things are add up. If we don’t look after the bits then the big things get bumbled.
The case came to mind the other day when I was clearing out the garage and ran into the old boxes of acrylic tile that Alan had left over from replacing my good carpets with cheap crap floors. No, I will never forgive the man for lowering the living standard of his children. He was my parental guardian in the loosest sense of the word.
The tile had come into play one day when, for science class, I had to make a small boat. This was to be something I could carry to school so toy boat size. It had to be water worthy and would be loaded with weights until it sank.
When I took this assignment to my parental guardian he referred me to a piece of acrylic tile and said it was the right shape. How a flat square translated to a boat keel I still have yet to understand. “You just have to look for something that shape” he said and bent the tile so that it was an arch. Again, what would have fashioned this into a small floating object I still cannot tell you.
I imagine that I could have fashioned a boat out of a few tiles had I a means to cut them which he had failed to provide. Had I the tools and know how I have today I could have made a rather nice boat out of those tiles with enough work. However, I was a ten year old without a knife to cut the tiles with or an edge to keep them in line.
I made a boat at of a old foam meat tray and got plus points for making it look like a river barge. I asked for help and got none.

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