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Monday, May 28, 2012


22nd February 2012
Dear Cassi,

Today was one of those days when I just feel unappreciated. One of the washrooms at work had flooded the floor and made a mess. People ran about looking for water damage thinking that it might have been like the last time this happened on the second floor when a shower valve had broken.
After the commotion and phone calls I was finally permitted to take my patrol and have a look at the problem myself. It was a toilet running at full blast so that water sprayed about. Someone had plugged it because it was making noise, but now that it had been cleared the running water was more a nuisance than anything else.
I pulled out my needle nose pliers and a penny; I had no screwdriver, and got off the valve cap then tried to close the valve with the penny. As I moved it about little shreds of red mettle came off the coin, and it became clear that it was too soft to do the job. I tried with the end of the pliers and that worked so I closed off the valve so that the sound of running water no longer rang through the halls.
In the end the supervisor placed it in the report that I had closed the valve and had me show her where it was so she could close it if needed. Still I was offered no thanks in this regard. One would think that the amount of water I saved would have warranted a thank you email from management.
Then, in all the reason I had to deal with the problem thanks was not among them. First off it cost my work money to let that water run, and that money could go to better things for the clients. Second, think of the environment and how much water I saved. Third, my clients need a good night sleep. I could add a few on there but in the end I was helping everyone. 

I work in an office but I still get dirt on my hands for a living. I am an honest man and few folks will ever know our value.

Stay strong, little sister

Richard Leland Neal