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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Human Mind Is Complicated

11th March 2013 11

A point we have to say over and over again, Heather, is that the human mind is a complicated thing and even the owner often has little understanding of what happens within that box of bone.

For this reason patient report is always questionable and should be met with follow-up visits. I’ve always believe that depression is the bodies way of turning itself off during bad times and every now and again it can kick on. When it does kick on the patient feels much better for a short time but when the problem comes back they just shut down again.

In the height of my own depression I would plan to do great things with my day then sleep through the hours without getting much done. If you had ask me at the end of a school day, this was back in high school, you would have believed I was on top of the world and you would quickly wonder at my problems. Ask me again thirty minutes after I got home, and I would say I wanted to sleep and be left alone.  The mind is a thing of now.

Another point, is that medical doctors often like to have a person’s wife or other family member come in with them because when they ask their client how they are doing the answer is almost always ‘fine’. The wife or other family member would then say ‘no you aren’t’ in list the maladies of the last few weeks or months.

What I’m getting at is that sometimes what looks like a brilliant recovery will fade back into the problem. Mental health is a lifetime affair just like physical health. You can do great things in the space of an hour but they fall to nothing if you fail to keep them up.