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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How I Heal My Mind

Okay, well, you get half this conversation and I wish I had recovered the statement that prompted this response. I’ve grown to the point where I understand that I should write for those who have no understanding of the topic at hand. None the less, you can find a few useful points in these few words.

If only people would say how much they like my kitties on the comic where I posted their picture.  I post a new drawing or photograph every day so that the internet can ignore me. Well, let us call that trivial for the moment, Christen.

There exercise I go through for my depression stated with comic drawing were I wrote about my experiences and made them into jokes. It was easier at that point to laugh at my pain and in that way come to live with my memories. Now my comics are more for the fun of it but I still do drop a life experience in every now and then.

Getting more into depth, I stated writing letters about the things in my life that bother me and sending them to a friend. At some point I started posting them online in my blog ‘Letters to Cassi and Other Folks’