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Monday, April 1, 2013

On Good Story


As something of a holdover from my days as a student of the arts I recall learning that a good story shows the change and commonly the evolution of a character. The pick a story that we all know Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carole” is a prime example.  During the course of this story Ebenezer Scrooge learns how his actions impact others and so changes to be more acceptable not only to himself but the world around him.

As we come away from this story there is a scene of things being right with the world and in truth that is very therapeutic. It would be hoped that the point of this story carries to the audience and impacts them in life. Sadly, locking Wal-Mart executives in a room while every version of this story produced in the last ten years runs on screen is less than legal. Under the right conditions it may even make them better people.

What we can glean from this is that story can make us feel better and improves us as people. The operative is can and the conditions are that the stories have the right moral and the mind is properly receptive to said moral.