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Friday, April 12, 2013

Mystery of Touch

The nature and phenomenon of touch as it relates to the human psyche has always been of a great mystery to me, Randi, as it is a form of none verbal communication but can convey so much.

I once met a fellow, not a client, who talked to me about his time with the Holy Rollers Church. I was unfamiliar with the denomination so he told me that the name comes from people rolling on the floor during sermons. They would be what one calls a high energy faith.

“The preacher man comes up and touches people and they fall on the ground in rapture,” he told me that afternoon. “It’s a load of bull and I know it’s a load of bull but you know what? I fall down every time.”

Here was a fellow who didn’t believe feeling the power of combined human energies. I have to admit he was still a drug addict and still a type A personality, but it’s hard to deny a power there in the church house.

I would have to speculate that there was some gift of energy in the holy man’s hands and what was done with it is in question. We as humans use the most powerful of our technologies for energy and destruction. Energy is energy and how we use it may be what’s important.

At least that’s the impression that I get.