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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Hard Road of Law Enforcement

11th March 2013

As a general note, Patty, I think the best place to examine EMDR would be in law enforcement. If the process really can decrease anxiety it would help Police officers recall events for trial and clear their mind of the emotional trauma.

Police officer have a stressful job and so are prone to ‘cop rage’. This is the situation where they lose control of their mental faculties and react with unnecessary violence. Sometimes this helps them service and other times, most of the time, it is a hindrance to their duties in serving and protecting the public.

It becomes hard to fault the police officer in this case but still imperative to remove them from duty as they may injure the innocent, cause negative press for the department, of property damage. We of the schooled in mental health know to think of this as a medical problem but the public is not so understanding.

In such a case, mental stability exorcises should not only be recommended for police officer but required.

What are your thoughts?