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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I’m a Bitter Old Pill

Here it is week three and I’m finally getting to your week one, Randi, my apologies. The combat I face with my own inner demons is daunting and the work I do is strange. I was taking to my normally lonely watch when a client came in and what was normally a five minute or less interview became an hour long counseling session about emotional abuse.  My clients spend as much or as little time with me as they need to which is the advantage of a live in facility where a man like myself works at the front desk.

That said, as much as I believe it would be a redundancy in your life to apply the aspects learned in week three to the situation mentioned in week one I am not a fellow who will believe a thing when I can know. If you will forgive my intrusion into your mother’s health I must make some inquiry. My own mother was taken from me in youth and so I have always felt some jagged rock upon my heart when hearing of what I could have done to save her or in very least make her passing less painful.

The first and foremost question I have to broach is, have you looked into the best diet for your mother’s condition? My own mother grew up in the cold war and so was a meat and potatoes gal all the way. This diet having little of the needed vitamins and an over abundance of starch was a large part of my own cooking until the late nineties when I learned how to cook food that supported health. I still need to work on this by my doctor was very in-depth in assessing of my health and found me to be perfectly healthy other then my depression and body mass.

My health provider has classes on weight management and healthy eating and if your mother is not looking into this presently it would be a good idea. I once treated a man for potassium deficiency, I have no right to so treat someone but the fellow was dying, and five minutes of advice changed his life.

Again, I’d imagine you have already found a support group for your mother, as Energy Psychology would suggest, but have you looked into any other groups that may be beneficial? Anything that would get her mind off the subject of her health would likely make an improvement in that area of her life.

It may be a comfort to her, I’m not sure why, to revisit the good memories of her youth in an active way. If she could listen to the music, watch the films and TV shows, and perhaps take part in some of the things she did in the best years of her life this may take her back to her, as our text puts it, healing energy.

If you live near to your mother taking her to a sporting event or play at the local high school or college would be a great experience for both of you. In addition you would be tapping into all that energy of youth and that energy is healing.

Okay, so I may be taking the information we get from class too far and further I’m probably telling you a whole lot of things you’ve already thought about. Well, take me with a spoon of sugar for I’m a bitter old pill and may your mother live many happy years yet.

Richard Leland Neal