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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What You Have

26th August 2012
Dear Cassi,
I just want this nightmare to be over soon. I’ve no sink to wash my hands and I can look at Pickles new shower but the glue is not dry so look is all I can do. The dust burns in my chest and I spend most of my day at sleep having no good place to lie.  My house is under construction and that construction may finish me.
I move to the den because the air is filtered there then move back to the study were I can stretch. My bedroom his white with dust and I cannot sleep there until the work is done and I can have fresh linens. The washer and dryer are also out as they cannot run without water.
I want my kitchen back, I want my own cooking, and my good ginger tea. I want a sound sleep. I want for so much now but can have none so all that stands for me is the waiting.
These are the days, dear Cassi, when we learn to love the little bits of life. The feel of cool water over dirty hands and the smell of sheets fresh from the wash are alien to me now.

Appreciate what you have,

Richard Leland Neal