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Friday, August 23, 2013


31st August 2012
Dear Cassi,
As it is and always has been all I do to tear myself loose only serves to tangle me further. How do I even start with this as proof of the problems and foolery?
Pickles had deseeded that he does not trust the contractor even as he has already entered into the contract and the contractor must eat the cost of permits. No, what it comes down to is that Pickles was angry that he had to pay money for anything, and so he started a fuss and now has decided that he wants to back out.
Then there is the fact that I went to the one person Pickles respects and that is a man I will call Raguel. Raguel is the name of the archangel of justice. He is the Angel who watches over other angels and so I call this man Raguel, and he is blind as is Justice of our courts.
So I told Pickles that I would take this point to Raguel and abide by his words hearing both of our points. Pickles smiles his evil smile at that and felt that he would be absolved. It did not go as he thought.
Before preparing for bed Pickles came to me and said that he may have been fired from his position at the neighborhood watch because I had taken things to Raguel who is the head of the watch.
I was not present for the conversation between the two of them by I caught a glimpse of it and I could tell Raguel was angry. I guess the two of them argues because Pickles would not listen. What can I do, Cassi, in a world that will not stand honesty?

Believe in yourself, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal