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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Used

August 2012 Third Reflection
Dear Cassi,

With the contractor who failed to remodel my home came a woman who I think acted as his assistant. She was a chubby woman who walked with a swagger of sex and liked to eat sweet things. I recall one day she had some frozen blended fruit drink and kept touching it to her breast to let the condensation leave wet spots on her blouse.
The contractor himself told me that she was a very clean girl despite all evidence to the contrary. He said that she was an orthodox Jew and so did not drink or smoke. I found this to be a lie as when Pony Girl made an appearance and her idiot of a husband started yelling at the workers this woman started to smoke.
I noted then that she had a stain on her teeth from smoking. This struck a chord in me as you know how I feel about smoking, lying, and that sort of thing. In addition this was when Pony Girl was on grounds and so I was angry to begin with. I told one of the workmen how angry I was about the whole thing and  a group of them got together and told me that she only smokes when she’s stressed.
If you smoke when you’re stressed then you had to pick up smoking and then put it down. This ‘clean girl’ was like a used car they cleaned her up and advertised all the reasons you didn’t want her.

Stay honest, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal