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Friday, August 9, 2013


August 2012 Forth Reflection
Dear Cassi,
One of the most unprofessional things that the contractor did when remodeling my wash rooms is work on both of them at once. This left me for a time without a toilet and for longer without a place to wash up. This was so much the issue that I called off work on the twenty second because I couldn’t shower and showered at the gym on the twenty third.
It was the first time I called off work it more than ten years. We have showers at work, but I would never trust them. Still, as I do have off time I should take it every now and then. I felt the stench of my body in the heat and used the sink to towel myself off.
I have to figure that they demolished both my washrooms at the same time so that they could get things done faster and cheaper, but they never passed on the savings. This operation was amateur from day one and I knew it, but I kept my silence. Now looking back after it’s all over I should have insisted it be done right.

Never live in could have been, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal