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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Eater

30th July 2012
Dear Cassi,

Today I learned that one of Pickles’’ favorite foods is burritos. He told me that burritos are his top pick among all my cooking. This was some shock to me as I had thought it was pizza as it has been for most of his life. This came up because I had placed six burritos in his freezer to serve as meals for him in the coming days and he ate them all by noon. When I asked him he hit himself on the forehead for being a hog. 
As I’m sure I have said, pickles loves food in general, and eating is one of his most loved pastimes. I recall the time Pickles was given a few bags of brownies and, even saying they were hard and ill flavored, kept eating them until he asked me to get them out of the house. He made himself sick over those three days having eaten almost nothing but brownies. I gave most of them away. I knew more than a few hungry folks back then. Now, I have to keep most of the burritos in the front freezers so that he keeps from eating them all.  
Pickles has a name for things he will not stop eating. He calls them trigger foods. From what I gather this is a technical term for things that cause a person to eat past fullness. Pickles keeps saying that he tries to keep those foods out of his refrigerator, but is it that he cannot control himself or that he will not control himself?
I’m not one to talk but I still believe in willpower. The last time I had a twenty four pack of soda Pickles was surprised that I hadn’t drank it all inside a week. Who drinks that much soda in a week? I think that ‘I couldn’t resist’ is just a group of words he hides behind.

Be the person you wish to meet, little sister

Richard Leland Neal