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Monday, May 13, 2013

Not Sure

I think I’ve posted this before but I found the fine and in having to delete it decided to post it again as I am not entirely certain.
To be fully honest, Christine, I far more often absorb energy from a violent case than redirect it physically. I tend to calm them down before they try to hit me if that makes sense. Aggression is a feedback loop that needs to be broken so how I talk to clients is more important most of the time.

Most of my coworkers prefer to try and be the bigger dog in the fight but I would rather keep folks in line by cooperation.  There will always be situations where violence is the only answer but most of my clients operate with respect for me because I use mutual respect in dealing with them.

Greetings Richard

   Thank you for submitting this paper. I twas an interesting approach of introducing your experience with Aikido and then applying that to a larger picture. You talked about testing the validity of healing methods. From that I gather that you look at therapy with a skeptical/analytical eye, a good way to go about it.
 Walter Charley,PhD.

One of the things we learn in physics, Dr. Charley, is that often the same event can be viewed and described more than one way and that both descriptions can be rather accurate.  You are right in calling me a skeptic only if you mean it in the classic sense. I question for the sake of questioning facts long held so that in doing so I will understand them.

From my studies in psychology I have learned that the good parent does not simply tell their children how to act but explains the reason behind those actions. I have learned this to also be the case with a good supervisor or anyone so placed to lead others. As I have worked with those who have anger problems I have found it quite helpful to explained the biological mechanisms for anger management and in doing so I have given my clients more freedom with which to help themselves.  The engineer need know the how and why of his workings and so the mechanic to do their work well.

In the world of mental health I prefer not to tell clients what to do but rather help them come to a conclusion they can live with comfortably.  Were I to be so overbearing as to tell clients how to live their lives there future problems would fall on my head and not theirs. Thus we permit them to move in what way they will and give them the skills with which to decide for themselves.

In my passing, I have worked with many true believers and found them to be a hard to help bunch. The true believer who believes in god is often no more of good folk than the one who is a true believer in no god. Further, I am no Christian but have explained Christianity to good Christian folk who hungrily wanted to know and found their faith affirmed by my words.

An examination of history, the history of science most clearly, will yield a point that even the most ridiculous ideas often should be discounted not off hand but by the same logic we deduce any other thing as right and wrong. Did we not at one time thing the sun revolved around the earth and now see it differently? History is littered with fact becoming fiction and fiction becoming fact. By looking deeper I believe I get more out of my studies, and by reading my work you can tell me if this is true.