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Monday, May 6, 2013


12th August 2012
My dear Cassi,

This time is spent in procrastination for as I look at my half finished letter to you from the day before I finish it not to put down this fresh thought before it toddles off. Once again there is much I should be doing at this moment including other letters, my comics, my wash, my schoolwork, and any host of other bits I will not name.
I have left things so neglect mostly because of the heat which placed me in poor slumber for the most of the proceeding day. From this faint coma I woke with sick gut and pained back. My eyes were blurred for some hours, but still the vivid dreams of scaly things marched across my mind.
It was in not yesterday that Pickles asked if he should do the dishes as I had been too overheated to work much on them. This comment drew my anger as I had told him before and now told him again “you are and adult and should know when to do dishes”.

Tell me it isn’t true

Richard Leland Neal