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Friday, May 17, 2013

Goes the Clock

27th August 2012
Dear Cassi,
The clock has nearly found its way to eleven in the morning and the workmen have not come to finish the job. I have made for them all the preparations I can in draping and in cooling my home.
So I take this moment to point to anther bit of my life that has turned so ill: grad school. It started two weeks ago when I turned in a paper. No, it started some time ago when I learned what a mental health consoler makes, but I digress.
The assignment came with more than a hundred pages of reading for the week and I, feeling much heat and exposition, did my best to hurry. Little of what I read at the beginning was of any facts and little at the end. I took what words I knew and expanded on them hoping to make something passable.
I was not so lucky and the teacher pulled the assignment off the on line forum and I had to do it again. This went along with a call from the president of the institute telling me that I needed to improve but that an LPCC makes around forty five to sixty thousand a year.
I don’t believe him, but what can I do. I started this mess and I guess I should finish it but the quality of education I’ve been dealing with his worse than I imagined. In the class I’m taking I have read from the text book twice. The paper in question was on a hundred and thirty page article that I had a good amount of trouble with and even the Dean was surprised it had been assigned.
This is the modern world where the teachers run as much and the students pay for the short coming. What do we do to better ourselves in a world for of folks who have no right to call themselves better? The modern age has given us a lack of regulation and respect.

Find your truth, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal