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Friday, May 3, 2013

Old Fans

8th August 2012

Dear Cassi,

It should come as no surprise to me that the ventilator fans in my addict had seized and that they were original to the home. After all the arguments we had about that business back in the day I was told that it was taken care of, but I guess wherever there is doubt there is no doubt.
The electrician worked on my roof and took out the old fans. The bolts that held them to my home cracked when removed as if old stone pillars giving out after the untold years. So far as I can see those bolts were in place for the whole of my life. They had rusted away and only through some hard will had held this long.

The fan motors had the old brown paint used when folks still thought wood trim made things fancy. These things had been made during the Cold War when the sleek black electronics of today would have reminded folks of Russian missals.  

When the new motors were in the electrician said that he would wait until the cool of the next day to replace the fan covers as he needed new bolts. This let me see the fans moving as if they were happy to be on after so long a time still. Even as I left for work that night they still ran humming along with a marry sound.

There have been many days of miserable heat for me, and now I find another reason as to why that happened. Sometimes it feels like my life was custom made for suffering. The pointless little misstep that should be handled easily never gets seen to in any real way.
I recall that Ken, who lives across the street, had told me to have the ventilator fans replaced when the roof was done and Alan had found some contractor form his church to do the work. He was a man obsessed with getting work done cheaply as this was a home inhabited by his children and he had no concern for their well being.

At this time I was in my late teens because I was still working for burns security.  Further I had to be working out of the branches local to my area because of the posts I was working at the time and so I believe I was nineteen. In any case I believe some money had come down a generation or two and so hand landed in Alan’s lap. He put it to putting a new substandard roof on my house.

I’ve been told that I should be thankful he did anything for me, but it was his responsibility to see to my needs until the age of eighteen and having failed that I feel he owed me something.  I’m of the opinion that things should be looked after. I find myself alone in that but my opinion is unchanged.

Pony Girl asked to have the fans replaced but there was an issue with communication. She had asked for ceiling fans to be replaced rather than asking for ventilator fans and so an argument had come along for some days until I talked to the workers and cleared things up. Lot of good that did me.

Never let the mistakes of others run your life,

Richard Leland Neal