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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lost Dog Comes Home

Let me remind you that I send these letters as a means of making someone feel better so if this is too candy for you my apologies. I thought this was a nice anecdote, and I hope you do as well.

3rd September 2011
Dear Cassi,

A few days ago the most curious event took place that I know you would like to hear about. The darkness of night had well taken my neighborhood, but the heat of the day had not yet given up its hold. I trod out the front door to water the flowerbed when I saw a black shape at the end of my street.
At first I thought it was a child shrouded in the darkness with the street lamps to dim to give it shape. As the thing moved I could see that it was in fact a large black and white dog. I stood without moving as the animal approached. It sniffed at me but gave me little notice.
I walked after it as it passed, and I could see a collar on the animal’s neck. Finding him friendly, I examined his ornament to find that he had no tag. I went and got a few dog biscuits to see if the dog had been out long, and as he took no interest in food I could tell he had recently gone astray.
On his caller there was a handle which I took into my hand and the dog responded the way my own August would by walking along with me on the path he knew so well. I figured his best chance was for me to let him lead the way home. If I turned him into the animal authority he would have no chance unless he had a microchip in his back. I had to find the old dog’s home or abandon him to euthanasia.
We walked together for half a mile, and as I passed along I asked whoever I came across. You find folks all over at that time of night where I live. Finally I found a family who said the dog lived next door to them, and that his name was Alex. However, when I tried to take the dog to that house he resisted. I let go of his caller, and he ran.
He went across the street and scratched at a white gate. I grabbed his caller again and took him to the front door. I rang the bell and two men answered. I asked if they knew the dog and the first man said, “Yeah, how did you find me?” I told him that the dog had just brought me there. He told me that he had named the dog after the Spanish word for wanderer.
Old dogs just need understanding as do most folks. We don’t need guides but gentle souls to walk with us and we can find our way home.

Stay safe, Cassi,

Richard Leland Neal