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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Better Job than I’ve Ever Had is Beneath Me

So, here we have a cover letter for a janitorial position at a hospital. If this job is anything like the other jobs with this organization it pays better than any job I have ever had. The only thing is that a man with a BA shouldn’t go working as a janitor.

The last time I applied with the company I gave no cover letter. This time I’m sending one. Let’s hope it makes a difference.

2nd September 2011
Dear (Health Care Provider),

I was born in one of your hospitals, and my mother died in one. So it has been an aspiration of mine, a hope rather, to one day work at one of your facilities.

You might think it odd that a man with a BA in Psychology might apply for a job like this, and I would agree. Still, let me say that honest work will never be beneath me, and further I hope to go on to grad school, get my LPCC, and become a Mental Health Counselor.

I could do this without returning to work. I was laid off at the beginning of this year, but (my last employer) did right by me. They gave me every hour they could before the lay off, and my unemployment benefits were almost as much as my pay had been. However, I was raised to be a man that works for what he has. Student loans just sit on my mind, and I would nearly exhaust my retirement funds by the time I concluded my education.

I would like nothing more than honest work for honest pay. The way things look the state needs the unemployment check more than I do.  

Thank you for your time,

Richard Leland Neal