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Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Cover Letter

It’s a cover letter. I’ve posted a bunch of them so I’m not going into it, but I will say that I’m painting this situation in a better light.

Did my company take good care of me? Yes. However, I still believe that they didn’t do so willingly.

2nd September 2011
Dear (Broadcasting Company),

I have worked as a Security Officer since late 1998 until being laid off at the beginning of this year. For most of 2011 I spent my time finishing my undergraduate studies. 

(My previous employer) looked after me as best they could. They gave me so many hours before losing a major contract that my unemployment is nearly as high as my paycheck had been. I could likely finish my masters without returning to work, but that would be irresponsible in this economy. An honest man should work for a living and better himself on his own time.

(Your company)is a name people can remember, a name I would like to add to my Resume.

Thank you for your time

Richard Leland Neal