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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Acting Outside of Confidence

I think this letter is as clear as it can be so I have no reason to elaborate. Hope you enjoy reading it.
7th September 2011
Dear Cassi,

One of my latest misadventures was a search for letters of recommendation. One of these involved the department chair for Radio Television and Film from my old college. This became an awkward encounter when I mention that I had gotten an A+ in RTVF 455 Screenwriting. This was all in emails mind you so it makes for interesting records.  
The department chair told me that I should seek a letter of recommendation from the 455 teacher. I replied that the teacher in question had failed to fulfill many of his promises, and that one of these had been to send my work to a production house. That would mean that a professor had made and broken a hundred thousand dollar contract.
The department chair ignored this, but raised no further suggestion as to my contacting other teachers. So here we see that rather than dealing with the situation he would prefer to sweep it under the rug. I find this to be the common case be it business people or professors.
I wonder if he truly thinks that polite discourse will in anyway absolve him from his crimes. The funny thing about this is that if he tried to make amends I would almost certainly have to take what he offered, but so long as this issue remains reported and un-acted upon they will have no bargaining power. The question remains ‘why did they not investigate if they didn’t believe the teacher innocent?’
Whereas this is far from proof positive I believe it is referred to as ‘acting outside of confidence’ and would be grounds for disciplinary action.
Things like this are like cracks in the foundation of a building. You can paint them over, and pretend they are not there, but one day the building will come crashing down.

Stay safe, Cassi,

Richard Leland Neal