Monday, June 19, 2017

Live Clean

27th January 2015
Dear Cassi,

My dishwasher has been out of order and I have so been washing my dishes by hand until the repairman comes tomorrow. This has made its largest impact on my smoothies which I make often. A blender is one thing they didn’t have back in the day. As best I can tell, the blender was first patented in 1922 and the first home dishwasher in 1924. This is to say that blenders are commonly washed in a dishwasher.

This is because, at least to me, getting the dang things clean is hard work, and you can never be sure you got them properly disinfected. The heat of a modern dishwasher deals with that nicely. This is not to say that my blender jars are always clean when coming out of the dishwasher, but I am confident in them being disinfected.

I have six blender jars and they’re all dirty. Most have water in them to prevent the goo from drying and making them hard to clean. I have not had this many blender jars dirty since I took over the bulk of the dishwashing.

As I’ve mentioned, I make my smoothies with red wine to cure them, and this may kill the bacteria, but I’m not sure. I never use milk as Pickle is lactose intolerant, but I do use yogurt. The vast majority of certain nutrients in my diet come from smoothies. It’s where I use all my blueberries.

Tomorrow the washer will be fixed and then I’ll likely wash every blender jar at once just to be sure they are all clean. That goes the same for the silver where, colanders, and the cutting boards.

Live clean, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal