Monday, June 26, 2017

Day of the Dishes

29th January 2015
Dear Cassi,
I came home directly and filled the dishwasher with every one of my blender jars and cutting boards, and as much silver where as would fit and set the thing to run before taking pickle to the store. It so happened that Pickle wanted to go to so many stores that he and his best friend doubted he would get to them all.
As I was re-washing the silverware, bleaching the sink, and cleaning the silverware tray I figured we could take care of a few of Pickle’s shopping needs. It is often his custom to go to eat before shopping as this curbs the appetite for more at the grocery.
Pickle has been complaining about his spending, and so has opted to only go to the store once every four weeks. Somehow I think this is negated by going to the three stores but Pickle doesn’t see it that way. Vegetables only last as little as three days in the crisper with things like lettuce or as much as a month with carrots. How can you keep things with one trip in four weeks?
In any case, we went to a store he liked and spent nearly a hundred dollars on vegetables, protein, and pastas. Went to another store and he filled the basket again buying enough to fill the trunk of my car and then some. If his experiment is a success it will surprise me but he spent a lot of money today.

Keep perspective, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal