Monday, June 12, 2017

Bring Joy

5th January 2015
Dear Cassi,

An article of my work tack often asked about is a heavy green ammo can I carry my coffee gear in when traveling to and from the job. A good number of folks mistake this for a lunch pail or the like, and I have been asked why I carry a car battery to work with me.

I take this to work with me because it has a complete seal, and if my coffee brakes open or there is a leak of some kind it will not mar my car. I could fill this case with water and seal it then bring it to work. In the time before I used this case I had coffee stains all over the place.

Now, when I mean coffee what I mean is filters, coffee, cream, sugar, and a jar to keep the old grounds in so I can feed them to my worms. This is to say that I take a full coffee service to work with me and make the coffee fresh to my liking. It has been noted that my arrival is known by the smell of my coffee which is welcome in a shelter for the homeless.
It comes to me that I tend to bring joy along with me when I come to a place. Bringing some kind of small joy may seam insignificant but if we all did the same the world would be better for a small joy from every one is a big change.

Bring joy, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal