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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pills with a Hammer

7th April 2012
Dear Cassi,

My medication is hitting me like a hammer but the pain in my back is lessoning. I told the doctor that I had a kidney inflammation and they said it was muscular. Then I took medication for anxiety and could finally sleep. I wake late and want to stay in bed, but the pain is slowly running out of my body with every trip to the lavatory.
It runs out of me like yellow pus bringing the relief that one finds in such a thing. Still, I’m almost bed ridden with my body feeling as a large weight. I wither at everything I do and can only hope that I can make another day pass.
At work I am the walking dead. I try to keep my eyes open but they sneak shut. I can hardly drag myself to the computer now. I drew a few comics last week and sat at my desk for hours doing it then took them to work at sat at my workstation struggling with the night and its reports.
Every day I think I feel better then I just stand up and feel the mass of my frame. I drink coffee until I’m sick and when I have the strength toddle off to the store and by energy drinks.
Still every day I get a little of myself back. I’m posting comics again. It’s not much, but it’s something.

Turn your gaze upward, little sister

Richard Leland Neal