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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Talk for Me

11th February 2012
Dear Cassi,
Over the last week one of the employees at my work said they knew a person who worked with a major cable network. This information came with the promise that he would talk with this person about my work as a screenwriter. You must understand here that, nice as the gesture is, this fellow had never read my work and had only known of it from my description.
In the world of Hollywood writers are bottom feeders until you need them, and even then everyone thinks they can do a better job. They second guess the writer and bring in new people to change the work. What finally gets to the screen is a Frankenstein concoction of ideas held together with stitches and hope.
Then we have the fact that every Joe and his dog thinks they’re a writer and the dog will tell you it’s the best writer in the world in barks if it could. For every one writer like I there are at least ten like Josh. You recall Josh who thought he would start a video game company? By the time he was done speaking he had a new idea and was moving on to something else.
Josh was a fellow who couldn’t get the job done, and when Hollywood folks come across a man like me they think he is a man like him. Even then I no blue ribbon. I’m a competent writer and nothing more. Someone said they would have a word with a person from a network for me. I have been giving no hope by this promise.

Stay safe, little sister

Richard Leland Neal